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Website for beauty salon Viln Ilu

A beautiful website for a beauty salon, with everything you need.

We were contacted regarding the creation of a website for the Viln Ilu beauty salon.

Order Description

Site for a beauty salon, beautiful. The main orientation is eyebrows and lips, self-care. There should be a portfolio and the ability to contact by phone or FaceBook Messenger.
Site languages – Russian and Estonian.

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Live broadcast of the client’s website. Below you will find a description.


After examining the topic and competitors, we started creating a website for Viln Ilu. I must say that the design is a big advantage over the competition. Everything looks beautiful and harmonious, there are animated design elements suitable for the topic and specially edited in color, a portfolio, a call and contact button in FaceBook, information about the salon, links to social networks, a Beauty menu on the site and frequently asked questions. This site turned out to be convenient and very beautiful and stylish.
A great birthday present!



Web Design, Website Development


Viln Ilu

July 2021 – August 2021

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